The Story Behind the Stories


No one story can represent the stories of millions of people being impacted by conflict in these three nations.  The three voices we hear from are people I met through interactions in everyday life who have offered to share their story.



We’ll meet a few of the hundreds of people spending time and energy creating solutions for this situation.  From a language instructor to an entrepreneur tackling issues of digital identity.



Arriving in Germany after hearing stories of the refugee conflict across Europe I was surprised to find a different reality.  It is a struggle to detox from fake news, the ban, murders & massacres, and American calls to world leaders to come to arms.

Be the drop of positivity, even though surrounded by an ocean of negativity.
– Buutz Gardener


It is a reality that people are being displaced because of structural inequalities in our global system and war.

  • ​One way on confronting this fact is to close borders.
  • There is another way but it requires a new way of thinking, an expansion of compassion, creativity, and tolerance for change.

This project hopes to bring to a broader public discourse that second scenario, where we are looking at solutions of integration rather than fear based rejection.


Give voice to the hopes and dreams of those on the front lines of this issue.

Fill in the knowledge gaps, highlighting the events and messages that brought us to where we are today.

Create a space to reflect on where we go from here and what we can do now.

The Project


Through video interviews we hear stories of hopes and dreams from those in the process of integrating into the German society and those trying to find ways to make this process easier.  The interviews I’m sharing, while small in number represent the complexities of our current reality, until wars stop, people will be forced to die or move and bans on human movement are not the solution.


Interactive maps present a basic understanding of the issues in time and space.


Bringing stories to the public through public storefront video installations.


Already many people are working on creative solutions to activate change for good.  In sharing some of these ideas, we hope to inspire more people to participate in positive solutions.

The new war on terror is impacting us all in new and profound ways.
​Fear is reshaping empathy as mechanisms for terror used by oppressors in one country are appropriated and used by conservative voices in the West.

– But there is love across boarders

Laura J. Lukitsch

Global Performance Media
Storytelling for Social Movements

The Filmmaker



San Francisco based documentary filmmaker Laura J. Lukitsch arrived in Berlin, Germany in September 2016.  She came awash in the negative American media where reports talked of floods of refugees and European unrest.

In Berlin she discovered that there was widespread support for the wellbeing of refugees alongside a growing vocal minority of neo-nazis who opposed letting in asylum seekers.  With this experience, Laura embarked on this project to understand the refugee situation and find ways of humanizing the story that had already become increasingly divisive in the US even before the presidential election results and ensuing attempted ban on any travelers from 9 muslim majority countries.

As her research continued, it became apparent that the story needed to be told from multiple dimensions: from the story of those trying to integrate into their new homelands; to a brief introduction what has happened in these homelands to cause them to need to leave; and including the perspective of those individuals creating solutions.

With the prospect of mass refugee populations from climate change, from continued wars, and from economic devastation, it is will be important to look at the human impact of forced migration and the solutions being explored to ease this transition.